Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Teams of 2. One works, one rests. Divide work as you see fit.

2 rounds of:


4 min AMARAP:

-20 KB Swings 53/35

-2 Rope Climb


rest 1 min


4 min AMRAP:

-Max Cal Erg, must switch every 10 cal

The erg preference is for airdyne, but use rowers if the class is large


Rest 1 min


4 min AMRAP:

-20 Partner Wall Balls 20/14

-60 DU’s


Rest 1 min


4 min AMRAP:

-20 T2B

-30 Goblet Squats 50/35

Rest 1 min


Rope climb Scaling:

-Legless V or L-sit rope climb

-Legless rope climb

-Rope climb with feet

-Rope row: 2 rope rows = 1 rope climb. Start lying on back with shoulders flat on the floor. Keep body -rigid with hips as straight as possible until you return to this position.

-Ring row: 10 ring rows = 1 rope climb


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