Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD: Minimizing rest (or Without rest), 2 rounds of:
-1-minute support on rings
– rope climb, legless ascent and descent
-1-minute plank hold
– rope climb, legless ascent and descent
-1-minute handstand hold
– rope climb, legless ascent and descent
Accumulate time on 1 minute hold in manageable sets. Aim for perfect form and pause long before failure. Stop early enough so that the rest will be short.
Scaling rope climbs: Attempt as much of the rope climb in L-sit position as possible.
Scale legless rope climbs by grabbing as high as you can on the rope (jump if you can) and doing a controlled legless descent. Use 3 descents to count for rope climb. The next scaling step would be 5 strict pull ups per rope climb. Use singles if needed. The next scale would be to accumulate 20 seconds with your chin over the bar as one rope climb.
Scaling handstand holds. The best case scenario is a free-standing handstand hold. Next best would be facing the wall with chest, and upper thighs touching the wall in hollow body. If a wall-facing handstand is not attainable for you then use the work portion of Gymnastic bodies Handstand preparatory Element 5
This is Prone Floor Handstand Flexion with Weighted Bar HS/PE5
– Keep the chin and upper chest in contact with the floor.
-aim for hollow body position with feet together
– PVC pipe will be enough work for most unless you have good mobility. Then use the training bar.
Scaling ring support: Ideal is hollow body with palms facing forward
Otherwise adjust the rings or use boxes so that you can touch the ground with your toes while scapulae are depressed and slightly retracted. See steps here to help clients
Plank: keep posterior pelvic tilt (hollow body). The man in the video is going in and out of posterior pelvic tilt
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