Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD = 10 min AMRAP:
-400-m run
-Max set of strict pull-ups
-Max set of strict ring dips
Scale ring dips using feet on a box with legs straight in front of you. Emphasize fully supporting yourself in top position and turning palms forward at the top
> use a dip negative with assistance of feet > deficit pushups on rings.
Further dip Scaling concepts here
WOD 2= GB straddle planche preparatory element 2
Work = 5 x 60s forearm plank hold
– Keep the hips tucked and the back curled.
– A neutral chin will be the most comfortable.
Mobility = 5 x 10 reps Straddle running man
– Extend the working leg as far sideways as possible.
– Expect to enjoy significant cramping of the medial glutes!
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