Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD: 10 min AMRAP
-5 handstand push-ups
-10 gymnastics kipping pull-ups (not butterfly)
-30 double unders
Scale handstand pushups by elevating your feet on a box. If you cannot keep your hips over your head, straighten out to hollow body position and maintain this position choosing a foot elevation that allows you to do about 8 reps when fresh.
Scale double unders using the single-single-double pattern, and go to 15. If you cannot get even one double under then do double unders with no rope
WOD 2= GB hollow back press,
Class goal is PE3:
Work: Pseudo Planche Pushup 5×10 reps
1) Lean forward until the hands are just in front of the hips.
2) Keep the scapula strongly protracted and depressed.
3) strong posterior pelvic tilt with toes pointed
4) turn fingers out if it helps .
5) don’t get saggy in the back. Keep hollow body
6) don’t let bodyweight shift backward on the way up.
Mobility: Xiaopeng backward, 5x 5 reps each side
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