Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

Partner WOD 10 min AMRAP

-Ikey shuffle through ladder while partner is in gymnastic hold (L-sit or handstand) Teams of 3 (2 if small number of people)

Use agility ladder Basic: -ickey shuffle (0-39 )


With high knees and skill: (0-1:20)

-one partner gets in handstand free standing is Rx. partners may spot if team of 3, or the wall can be used) -other partner completes ikey shuffle ladder once before handstand partner comes down. alternate partners until each partner goes once then switch to L-sit -one partner gets into L-sit (Rx = ankles hip height or higher. Scale = knees above hips) -other partner completes ikey shuffle ladder once before L-sit partner lowers feet, or fails alternate partners until each partner goes once then switch to handstand A rep is counted every time a partner gets through the ikey shuffle. NO REP if: – agility ladder is distorted by foot – ikey shuffle partner misses a step – gymnastic hold fails before ikey shuffle is complete – ikey shuffle partner starts before gymnastic hold is initiated Score = total number of reps

Then WOD 2= Double under race to 400. 10 minute time cap. Teams of 2. Each team member works for 1 minute at a time. alternating each minute. Each partner Must do double-unders unless injured, even if it is a single jump at a time. The goal here is double under practice

Then WOD 3= Jump for height. The goal here is to introduce clients to the neurological stimulus of a max effort for intensity. Partner 1 will jump from a stand still and touch the wall at the highest point possible. Partner 2 stands on a box and marks the Partner 1 height with a piece of tape or chalk. Partners switch places (partner 2 jumps, partner 1 records) When Partner 1 does the second jump s/he will switch the hand that touches the wall. total of 6 attempts per partner 3 on each hand.

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