Monday Group Strength and Conditioning

7 rounds of:

-15 GHD hip-back extensions –

3 strict muscle-ups

Scaling Don’t sprint this workout. Hip-back extensions should be performed slowly and methodically, not for speed. Use the strict muscle-ups as an opportunity to refine your technique.

Beginning athletes can try an assisted form of the muscle-up with their feet on the ground.

Intermediate Option 7 rounds of: 10 hip-back extensions 3 assisted strict muscle-ups

Beginner Option 5 rounds of: 7 hip, back or hip-back extensions 3 assisted strict muscle-ups

Assisted strict muscle ups can include negatives after getting to the top position (with some help), as well as portions of the muscle up such as the transition. Assistance can come from a partner, your own legs, bands, use of a box etc. Please consult coaches for recomendations

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