Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

-15 beat swings (emphasize arch, hollow and momentum through the middle. Truly swing)
-6 GHD Arch up*
– 10 sumo deadlift high pull. Please launch with hip drive, not by “pulling the bell up to neck height
-1 min jumprope

* These start like GHD hip extensions but with greater control and range of motion. Do these slowly and with maximum range of motion. The neck is part of the spine, and we are arching the neck at the top of each rep.


Increase weight each set. Aim here is for a heavy set of 5 with perfect form. This does not have to be a MAX set. Use the whole leg, including quads. Do not simply hinge at the hip. Bend knees enough to keep neutral back or slight anterior pelvic tilt… Especially at the bottom of each rep.
21-15-9 reps for time:

-Deadlifts, 185/125
-Toes to Bar

**This Saturday 10/22 is meeting at Roosevelt High School for Group Strength and Conditioning   at 10 am**

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