Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Plyometric pushup for 6 minutes
Do 3 to 10 reps every minute depending on capacity. Progress from easiest to hardest. Don’t go to point of fatigue or muscle failure. When you get to the highest progression you think you can do comfortably, then stay at that step for the remainder of the time.
-chest touch
-hip touch
-tuck into ball
-piked toe touch
Plyo pushup scaling:
1_from knees,
2_regular pushup with fingers palms and/or fingers slightly leaving ground
3_plyo-hollow body while feet stay on ground,
4_feet leave ground
-20s plyo pushup (maintain quality.. even if only one or two reps)
-40s jump lunge (scale accordingly)
-1 min rest
3 attempts for quality
Max vertical jump. have partner mark your spot on the wall or chalk board.
Accumulate 3 min in hanging L-hold. Legs straight to highest point of stability.
rest as needed.
No “scaling”
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