Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Part 1. Bike Power Session
9 attempts
10sec acceleration to max effort
Full recovery b/t reps & sets

Part 2:
5 sets:
-90sec easy pace
-30sec moderate/fast pace (till 2 min mark)
-20sec controlled sprint (till 2:20)
-40sec easy (standing), (till 3 min )
-20sec controlled sprint (till 3:20)
-40sec easy (standing) (till 4 min)
No rest b/t reps or sets Repeat cycle at 4, 8, 12, and 16 minute marks

Record peak wattage or RPM from highest 10sec gradual acceleration.

The provided 20sec controlled sprint watts is just a target that you’re trying to reach NOT HOLD.

Controlled sprint is at 98% of max effort. Retain control of form/technique.
The second part of the bike workout is 20:00 total (4:00 per round). Try to hold the same paces for each easy, moderate, and sprint set. The goal of this one is to hit a high output on the sprint and see if you can match that same output for all 5 sets.

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