Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

20 min EMOM (10 rounds per side in 20 minutes)
-5 ATG split squats per side
Everyone start unweighted.
Use assistance, elevation or slant board if needed
Work up to no more than 25% of bodyweight per hand for males or 20% for females, on flat ground with hamstrings completely covering the calves. If you don’t have full mobility, stay at a scale (slant board etc) and weight that allows you to balance all aspects of foot, achilles, knee and hip mobility.
Workout 2 =
-100 weighted tibialis raises
Experiment with loads but don’t spend more than 5 min on either exercise
Use kettlebells (with shoes), ankle weights or See the following band wrapping technique to add weight to your feet for the tibialis raises
If you can’t add weight to your feet then do tibialis raises standing or on slant board (does facing down) according to ability
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