Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

-7 min backward sled work. Feel free to work with a partner to alternate if going back and forth.
Increase intensity over 7 min
– Experiment with Poliquin step to personally adjust height, weight, heel support, etc
Try sets of 5 on each leg to make sure you can stay balanced with good form.
If you can do controlled reps with 6 inch drop off then add weight
Workout 2
10 min EMOM
-20 Poliquin step ups
Use one side for 20 reps then the other side for 20 starting on the next minute.
You can adjust every 2 min
Workout 3 = 5 min EMOM
-5 Nordic hamstring curl negatives
Work with a partner to minimize set up, strapping in etc. At the top of each minute, partner 1 goes, then partner 2 follows immediately ater. Hold partner’s ankles
Workout 4= 5 min EMOM
-5 Reverse Nordics
Level 1= getting in and out of Seiza
Level 2 = High elevation for feet. Lean back until front hip flexors and quads stretch
Level 3 = Middle elevation for feet
Level 4= Lowering to upper back on floor
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