Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD 1= 2R
-30 hollow rocks.
– accumulate 30s table hold
-30 Hollow rocks
– 5 table rocks
Scale hollow rocks to bent, straddle or full as needed
In table rocks and table holds, Aim for hips at shoulder height
WOD 2= Handstand awareness practice 3 Rounds.
– 10 handstand bails
– 10 to 30s wall facing handstand. Only go as far up the wall as you can while keeping arms and body straight and rigid
Scaling handstand bails:
Version 1 Attempt 10 alternating side cartwheels. Do what is comfortable. Limbs don’t have to be straight. Some beginner progressions
Version 2. From a wall facing handstand (any angle you can maintain is OK). Step one hand forward and bring the same side leg down
Try to alternate sides.
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