Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

-3 High Hang Clean set up into extension
-3 High Hang Clean

Work up to 80% 1RM clean in 6 min
10 R
Every 90s complete
-1 full squat clean between 80-90% 1RM. scale to power clean if not technically proficient.
20:00 AMRAP:

Teams of 3 perform as a relay:
2-4-6-8-10… rep rounds of:
-burpee box jumps
-squat cleans, 135/95

Each athlete completes each round relay style. Athlete one does 2 burpee box jumps and 2 squat cleans. When he or she finishes, athlete 2 does the same round of two reps of each movement. Then athlete 3 does the same. Once all three athletes have each completed the round of 2, the first athlete does 4 burpee box jumps and 4 squat cleans, followed by the second and third athlete. Continue climbing the ladder as high as possible in 20:00.


**Don’t forget this Saturday is track day, where we will be meeting at 10 am at the Roosevelt High School Track for Group Strength and Conditioning**

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