Friday Group Strength and Conditioning


-1 minute of double-unders
-1 minute of 50-lb. KB or DB snatches
-2 minutes of double-unders
-2 minutes of 50-lb. KB or DB snatches
With a partner complete the following (2 rounds each.):
-200m farmer carry (choose weight)
* one partner completes this, while the other partner is does AMRAP on a variation a straight arm pushing hold such as one of the following:
-Wall walks/plank hold/handstand hold against the wall/handstand walk
Don’t forget to come to our BBQ at 6:30 pm on Friday, June 10th. Rain or Shine. We will either be in Cathedral park if weather is cooperative, or at the gym if rainy! Bring a dish to share or beverage! Sausages and Beer will be provided!
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