Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Part 1=10 min EMOM

Odd minute : 20 double-unders (20s cap) +

Even minute: 1 clean & jerk (70-80% 1RM)


10:00-17:00 : 7 min rest. Work up to back squat weight


Part 2: from 17 minute mark..10 min EMOM

Odd minute: 1 pause back squat (80% 1RM.  3s pause at bottom)

Even minute: 10 push-ups (scale pushups to no more than 30s of work)


For new athletes or those new to clean and jerk, Part 1 can be a 10 min EMOM of clean and jerk.

If people don’t know their 1RM, then work up to weights that are challenging but still allow good technique. Those struggling with wrist or overhead mobility should use dumbbells.

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