Friday Group Strength and Conditioning



-12s planche hold (goal is tuck)

-rest 1 minute

-12s tuck lever hold

-rest 1 minute




-12s dips

-rest 1 minute

-12s chin ups (palms facing toward you)

-rest 1 minute

For dips today, let’s  not use the rings. Dip stations or boxes with weights stacked high enough for athletes to hang at the bottom would be best. IF you don’t have dips, then use the rings in the opposite of a ring row, for ring push ups with ring turn out

If  you don’t have chin ups, then hold chin over the bar.




-12s pseudo planche pushups

-rest 1 minute

-12s strict toes to bar

-rest 1 min


Scale pseudo planche using elevation. The goal here is to have clients feel the hands closer to hips and get a sense of the wrist mobility that is needed.


Scale toes to bar by getting feet as high as you can under control (bend knees etc) and controlling the negative descent.

Next scale will be trying to get to parallel with straight legs

Next scale is hanging knee raises.


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