Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

3 rounds for time:

-20 arch hollow rolls

-75 double-unders

-Bike 30/22 cal


(15:00 cap)


Warm up 2:

-20 scapular pulls

-accumulate 20s with chin above the bar


WOD 2. 10:00 EMOM

5 strict pull-ups



Warmup 3 = 2R

-15 s at the top of the dip. Use ring turn out

-10 s at the bottom of the dip

– 2 x 10 second dip negative


scaled full range of motion on rings


WOD 3. 10:00 EMOM

3-5 dips


Scale dips to perfect pushups if more than band assist is needed. Scale pushups as necessary


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