Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Warm Up:


30s Jumping Jacks

30s lunge stretch each side*.

30s Yogi Push-ups

30s Scorpions (supine first round, prone second round)

30s Bird Dogs

30s Mountain Climbers



* Stay in the bottom of the lunge for the 30s. Keep torso straight by working the back leg and glutes with heel up. For the front leg, dorsiflex the foot as much as possible and move into Poliquin position if you have no pain. Use elevation on the front leg if you want to scale


-10 pike squat. Hug knees while lengthening spine in bottom. It is OK if you heels come off the ground. Use this to stretch your achilles

-10 side to side squat

-3 x 5s push up negatives in hollow position

-4 outside inside outside back each side



20:00 EMOM

A. 1-15 Push-ups

B. 10 Single Leg Deadlifts (Left)

C. 10 Single Leg Deadlifts (Right)

D. 20s hollow rock



2 R

-45s seated pike stretch

-45s prone pectoralis stretch each side

-45s hurdler or half hurdler stretch each side according to ability”

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