Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Hollow body core and shoulder conditioning/mobility

You’ll need a pvc pipe or broomstick. If you don’t have that, a band or piece of long clothing (shirt, pants etc) will do.  Don’t push any movement into a range of discomfort. Take time to explore today. We’ll focus a lot on opening the chest and retracting your scapulae today between bouts of abdominal muscle conditioning.  IF you hit failure on a movement. Rest the remainder of the minute.


Warm up

-wrist series

-10 cat cow

-1 min jog in place

-20 scapular pushes

-20 jumping jacks


For the rest of the warm up,

Do a coach-led dry run using about 10 seconds of each movement to get the feel of the flow. For this WOD feel free to add small (2.5 to 5lb) weights to the PVC pipe if you like. This may take some time, but don’t rush through it. Be sure everyone is clear on the movements. The WOD itself will take less than 25 min.


I’ve numbered each  movement to make it easier to keep track of where you are in the WOD




WOD: approximately EMOM. If transition takes a little time, don’t worry about it. If you hit failure or complete an exercise before the minute, then rest for the remainder of the minute

1  -60s max bent hollow hold

2  -60s cat cow. Be sure neck positions follows the spine

3  -60s Static Seated Shoulder Flexion with PVC pipe

4  -60s max bent hollow rock

5  -30s table pose, rest the remainder of the minute

6  -30s Static Standing Shoulder Extension with PVC. Rest the remainder of the minute

7  -60s max straddle hollow body hold

8  -30s table rock, rest the remainder of the minute. Externally rotate shoulders and retract scapulae at the top

9  -30s Supine Floor Handstand Flexion with PVC

10  -30 s standing shoulder extension with PVC. Open chest and pull shoulders back

11  -60s max straddle hollow rock

12  -30s table inside out. Keep hips and chest elevated at all times


13  -30s Prone Floor shoulder Flexion with PVC,

14  -5 slow dislocate pass throughs

15 -60s max hollow body hold

16 -30s shoulder bridge

17 -10 reps Prone Floor shoulder Flexion Pulses with PVC

18 -5 slow inlocate pass throughs.

19  -60s max hollow rock”

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