Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Lunge, scales, core.
You’ll need something heavy you can lift up by a handle (KB, DB, bucket of sand, detergent container, car battery, toolkit etc.)  Work up to as heavy a weight as you can move  well with.

Coaches if you can keep class synchronized and count out tempos and times that would be great.
Use real seconds for the tempo movements. So if you can’t hear the coach, use a timer.

-20 scapular pushes
-10 squat
-10 side to side squat

-20 Jumping Jacks
-10 Air Squats
-10 Push-ups
-10 Hollow rocks
-10 Arched body rocks
-10 Lunges
-20s Handstand hold

-5 PVC/Broomstick Pass Throughs
-2 Overhead squats- :10 descent + 10 hold in bottom
-5 Rep wall squat or arms overhead squat @ 3311*

* This is weightlifting tempo notation
-3 s descent
-3s in the bottom
-1s up
-1s at the top

3 sets:
-10 KB/DB Bulgarian split squat @3011
-REST :45 between each leg

3 sets:
-10 Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts @3011
-REST :45 between each leg

-:30/:30 Front Scale
-:30/:30 Back Scale
-1:00 Rest

Core Finisher (protract shoulder blades as much as possible in plank, V-sit and mountain climber
3 Rounds  30s on/ 15s off
– Rotating Planks
– V-Sit raises
– Crossbody Mountain Climbers
– jumping deck squat

-10 Forward fold + exhale (toes elevated)
-10 Forward fold + exhale (heels elevated)
-15s Forward fold + leg squeeze (toes elevated)
-15s  Forward fold + leg squeeze (heels elevated)
-10 Slow bootstrappers”

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