Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD = 5 Rounds/attempts at each of the following:


-Broad jump 50 ft. in as few jumps as possible

-3 pull-ups as slow as possible

-Max set of strict freestanding handstand push-ups.


Rest as needed between attempts.


For HSPUs try to move by extending elbows, not shoulders.

Scale Free standing HSPU as follows from most difficult to easiest:

-Free standing descent (take 4-5 seconds)

-Strict wall facing HSPU

-Strict wall facing HSPU descent

-Strict box pike HSPU

-Slow (5 second) descent using the box

-3 position static hold using box (top, middle, and near bottom). You can rest between the holds if you cannot control your descent

– Pike push ups

-Push ups”


Scale Broad jumps according to ability. The goal is for quality jumps. Clients that need to can rest in place between jumps during the 50ft

For clients that have difficulty with broad jumps or landing. Aim for 6 jumps to a max height. Preferably aim for a target overhead.

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