Friday Group Strength and Conditioning


– 200m no-run.  Move in any way you like except running or waking forward

-1 min jumping jacks


Quadrupedal warm up WOD. Complete about 10m of each of the following:


1: Crab walk with in the direction of your feet.

A) keep hips as high as possible at all times. (aim for hips above knees)

B) reach backward strongly with the arms


2: Quadrupedal walk with same-side limbs moving forward simultaneously

A) OK to walk on knuckles if that is more comfortable


3: Quadrupedal walk where both arms move simultaneously, then both legs move

simultaneously (looks like a kangaroo quad walk)

A) Get feet as far in front of hands as possible

B) OK to walk on knuckles if that is more comfortable


4: Straight limbed quadrupedal walk

A) Use regular contralateral-transverse quadrupedal gait

B) Keep elbows and knees straight

C) Walk on open palms. No knuckle walking or straight wrists


5: Quadrupedal gait staying as low to the ground as possible

A) Extend arms straight out in front (shoulder to ear) with chest as close to

ground as possible


6: Inchworm.

A) Keep legs and arms straight



-10 alternating deep lunges

-10 Hawaiian squat (5 each side)

-10 alternating deep lunges


WOD 1 = 5 R

-10 alternating weighted lunges*

– 15 arched body rocks.  Keep heels together with knees and elbows straight


* increase weight throughout round as you see fit. Start with forward lunges on the first round, reverse lunges on the 2nd round and keep alternating for 3 sets of forward and 2 reverse over the course of the WOD.




Warmup with 2 rounds of

-10 doble arm bicep curls (both hands on one DB/KB)

-10 standing behind-the-neck double arm tricep extensions  (both hands on one DB/KB)

Then 4 Rounds

-10 single arm bicep curls each side

-10 single arm tricep extensions each side


Complete 10 on one arm before moving to the other arm

Increase weight as you see fit.  Aim to go unbroken on each set although you can rest as needed between sets.”


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