Friday Group Strength and Conditioning




3R on a 6 min timer

Run up Baltimore hill from N Bradford st to N Eddison St


The three warm up runs should be RELAXED. Run easy and work on timing.

Aim to stay light on the feet for the whole effort.

Start light, Stay quick but try not to run hard.

Pace so you can keep your cadence.

Increase effort as you get looser.



5R (scale to 4 if people are dying)

On a 3 minute timer,

Sprint From N Crawford St uphill on N Pittsburg Ave toward Edison St

-20 seconds max distance uphill sprint


Cool down jog back to gym




-20 double leg deficit calf raises

-5 single leg deficit calf raises each side

-10 squat

-10 side to side squat

-10 pike squat

-2 min standing pike


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