Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

-1200 m group jog at conversational pace



-10 leg swings, forward and lateral  each side


The following might be a long series of warm up drills depending on people’s coordination. Be patient and keep people moving. Try to have them be as dorsiflexed as is reasonable for them, but don’t make it a big deal of they don’t get it. Mostly get them skipping around and having fun. Plyometric movement (almost any kind) is the goal for today.


Use this video as a guide to the next set of warm up drills:


Travel 20-40m on each drill. Less if people feel like they are getting trouble.

-high knee bounding skip 0:08-0:25

-heels up (formerly known as butt kickers) 0:28-0:55  (don’t kick back.. but bring heels straight up)

-quick feet skip 0:59-1:37  use the momentum of the arms to propel you. Stay on balls of feet and keep cadence as high as possible


–  high cadence knee drive 1:39-2:09 . Continue arm-momentum concept from last drill. Drive knees forward. As soon as foot touches the ground then it leaves the ground.


-high knee run 2:09-2:39   Continue the concepts from the last two drills but drive knees toward the sky as high as possible while keeping high cadence.  Arm drive is key. As soon as the foot hits the ground, it rebounds.  Do not kick back behind you.


-high cadence leg extension run 2:39-3:04  Continue concepts from the last three drills. Extend foreleg before landing. The purpose here is to coordinate the timing or your landing with arm momentum.


-straight leg run  3:05- 3:29 Continue concepts from high cadence knee drive, but keep legs straight (knees extended) the whole time. Arm momentum is key.


– High knee bounce skips 3:30-4:00  Coordinating the bounce with running arm momentum. Find the power phase or sweet spot in the rebound cycle.


–  Ankle bounce. 4:05-4:53   Keep legs straight, but don’t lock out the knees. Arm power comes from the forward swing and back swing on alternating bounces. REALLY use the arms here!


-Bounding 5:00-end.  Have folks cover as much distance as the feel comfortable with while airborne.


(20- 30)

For 10 minutes run “fly aways” for about 80-100m at a time (or shorter if your top speed is very low).  Do not sprint hard. Rather aim for

Smooth mechanics with quick easy turnover.

Think of continually accelerating on the 100m sprints, and maintaining top leg turnover speed for the 200m sprints Rest as needed (no more than 3 min) between sprints


Cool down





-10 reps each side, single leg deficit calf raise and heel drop below toes. use elevated surface. scale to two legged raise and drop if needed.

– 1 min Standing Achilles stretch on block (each side).  Keep heel down.


WOD 2 = core control

A round of Tabata using the following 3 movements in sequence, with one movement per 20s work interval.

-hollow (rock, hold, tuck) according to ability

-arched body (rock or hold) according to ability

-hollow to arch roll


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