Friday Group Strength and Conditioning


Today we keep moving through good stable ranges of motion and finish up with essentials for lower limb functionality.

If you can’t run, pick any monostructural movement  (bike, jumprope, row) you can manage.

If you don’t know your distance, are running in place or jumproping, Aim for 2 min at a steady pace.

IF running in place, you can use high knees to simulate pacing.



-2 min jog

-systems check 1

-90s curled seiza. Point toes toward shins as much as possible



Barefoot recommended; You can use a dumbbell, heavy pot or any object that will help you counterbalance

2 Rounds

-1 min plate goblet rock 0:46-3:25  Use hip bounce and ankle flexion according to mobility


-10 plate goblet pause partials. On each rep, Raise for 5 s before down and stand.   3:26-5:00



Warm up to WOD weight



WOD 1 = 20:00 AMRAP

-20 Overhead squats (45/35 lb)

-20 Back squats (45/35 lb)

-400-meter run


Overhead squat options:

-Barbell or (safe) odd object,

-broomstick or arms overhead. Be sure to unpack the shoulders as much as possible

-single arm overhead DB or odd object squat. Switch arms as needed


Back squat options:

-Barbell or (safe) odd object,

-bottom up pistol or pistol

-jumping deck squat or jumping squat


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