Friday Group Strength and Conditioning


-30 deficit calf raises

-1 min elevated seiza

-30 deficit calf raises

-1 min curled seiza

-10 pike squats

-5 ten second descent squats

-10 jumping deck squats

-1 min jumping jacks

-10 deep lunges

-10 lizard lunges



-1000 alternating step ups with weight. Cap at 45 min



2 Rounds

-90s couch stretch each side

-1 min spinal twist each side

-1 min standing pike


Be sure to step onto a sturdy object. Pick a height where you do not have to raise your knee higher than hip level.  Have a system to record or keep track of your reps. Pace yourself like you would on a long uphill hike. Be sure to step evenly on both legs, especially on the way down.

Check in with your zoom workout partners to see how they are doing and see where they are at to manage pacing. Have fun with this and don’t stress about it.  Don’t push hard until the last 200 reps. Get water if you need it


Alternative WOD = go on a vigorous hike


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