Friday Group Strength and Conditioning


-wrist series

-1 min jumprope

-20 scapular pushes

-10 side to side squat

-10 pike squat

-5 slow pushups. Tale 10s to descend with perfect form

– 10 jumping deck squats

-1 min jumprope

-10 burpee deck squats


WOD 1:  5 min EMOM

-5 pushups

-20 squats


Barefoot squats recommended. Drive from heels and grip the floor with toes to raise the arches of  your feet. Stretch and lengthen the spine at the bottom of the squat. Arms overhead help accomplish this if you have the mobility.


WOD 2: Shoulder & scapular mobility development.

Zoom coaches start everyone on each movement (90s – 2 min each)

-wall walk to 10 handstand shoulder flexion press


– 5 x 10s seated shoulder flexion. Pull hands behind head


-Max handstand hold in 1 min (scale using wall, pike or box)


-5x 10s standing inlocate raise. Hold 10s at top


-Max handstand shoulder taps in 1 min (scale using wall, pike or box)


-5 x 5 one second reps seated shoulder dislocate initiation.


-30s supine handstand flexion with stick


-5 x 5 reps one second reps standing inlocate raise. Hold 1s at top


-30s prone lift off with stick


-10 prone PVC press


-5 dislocate pass throughs


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