Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD : For time:


-800-m run

-66 kettlebell jerks

-40m handstand walk


F: two 12-kg KBs  (26 lb each)

M: two 16-kg KBs (35 lb each)



This is a lot of handstand walking for those who can do it. Break the walk in to manageable distances where you break before you get too tired in the beginning. Be patient


If you can’t handstand walk or but feel comfortable going overhead, do 130 shoulder taps.  Facing the wall is better than back to the wall. Stay as close to hollow as you can. Do not arch neck to look at the floor, but rather, tilt head slightly to look just between your hands. Keep your feet together and break this into manageable sets where you don’t get too exhausted at the outset.


If you cannot go overhead, then bear crawl for 80m


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