Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

WOD 1 = 3R ( for speed)

-30 goblet squat (70/53) (53/32)

-20 air squats

-Rest 3 min

Keep impeccable form. Do not allow squat form to break down. Be mindful Especially during the air squats not to lean forward. Sit back in the heels with torso upright. Keep the whole foot flat on the ground and be sure knees move in alignment. Slow down if necessary. If form is good, then go as fast as you can with good form.

WOD 2=GB manna, Preparatory element 3

WORK = V-ups 5 x 15

– Keep the back flat and the chest high.

– Pike as much as possible at the top of each repetition. Reach hands beyond legs

– Engage quads and point toes

MOBILITY = Pike lean 5 x 30 s

– Toes about 1 foot from wall

– Bar about waist height

– Press the hips back strongly into the stretch.

– Allow the lats to lengthen and relax into the stretch.

-Head “through the hole

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