Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

Work Move systematically to get as far as possible from A to D during class time according to experience and ability

A. Behind Neck Jerk Grip Push Press – 6 x 5 @ by feel ( -anything more than the bar counts as a set -find “relaxed,” quality overhead position and hold 2 seconds

B . Power Snatch w/pause + High Hang Snatch – 6 x 2+3 @ by feel -straps recommended (For an explanation on strap use, click -2 second pause at launch position/rep on power snatch -2 second within high hang set up on high hang snatch

C. Front Squat – 4 x 5 @ 80-85% clean -3 second pause in bottom on 1st rep/set

D. Clean from Launch – 5 x 5 @ by feel up to no more than 60% clean -anything more than the bar counts as a set -Clean is from above the knee

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