Friday Group Strength and Conditioning

20:00 AMRAP-

-60/50 cal erg (alternate airdyne and row rounds)

-20 Pull-ups, C2B

-20 DB Step-ups (choose max weight and height where you can remain upright)


Scaling: NO Rhabdo today! If you are proficient at pull ups this could be very high volume. Break sets so that you don’t go to failure early in the WOD. If you are just learning the butterfly pull up, keep the sets small, even if you are not fatigued. Aim for smoothness and take a break when the coordination breaks down. If you can’t do more than 5 pull ups of any form consecutively when fresh, then do negatives. The negatives do not have to be slow. But do not drop into a hang. Take time to hang fully on each rep, and start each rep with a pause while your chest is at the bar.

IF doing ring rows. Scale to 10 ring rows and pause at the top of each rep.

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