Paul Cooley

Greetings, I’m Paul and I am thrilled to be part of the PDXStrength team.  Raised in Washington tulip country, humbled during 5 years of commercial fishing in Alaska, and trained by some of the leaders in my field, I bring a diversity of personal experiences and unique interpersonal investment to my clinical practice.  While recovering from my own childhood weight gain, fishing injuries, marathon training issues, and rugby pains, I have observed that people are not just muscles and bones, but complex individuals with goals, expectations, social needs, and anxieties.  I am a 5th generation Oregonian and have been part of the North Portland community for 11 years. You can see me regularly popping in between my clinic and PDXStrength with patients, or hopping into a class to get my sweat on.  Always remember, the steady state of the body should not be a pain and anyone who needs their body to work for them should consider themselves an athlete. Paul coaches our Strength Tribe and Group Strength and Conditioning classes and runs his practice next door. 

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