Nicole Mascorro (She/Her)

Hi I’m Nicole! At the young age of 4 I put on my first pair of dance shoes and haven’t taken them off since. I grew up studying ballet at the California Academy of Ballet where I studied, you guessed it – ballet! Since then, I have trained with American Ballet Theatre as well as many other smaller companies through out my teenage years. I moved up to Portland in 2017 where I started teaching dance a local studio while also continuing my own dance career on the side. I’ve always loved performing and choreographing as it’s the easiest way for me to express myself when words don’t do the trick. One of my favorite things about dance is that its both and art and a sport and requires a lot of core strength that we may not activate on a day-to-day basis. Nicole coaches HIIT, Bootcamp, Mobility and Butt and Gut classes at PDXstrength.

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