Mindy Montgomery


Howdy everyone, I’m Mindy.  I’m excited and grateful to be part of the PDX Strength crew.  I’ve been involved in competitive and recreational sports and fitness for over 40 years (that is both awesome and somewhat shocking to say!).  I started out playing Little League Baseball and youth basketball when I was six years old and have never looked back!  Over that time, I have tried many different things but the key foundational aspect of those experiments has been “being strong”.  I appreciate the PDX Strength approach to wellness and training due to its inclusivity of meeting people where they are and helping them build a platform for lifelong health all while having FUN!  Throughout my wellness experience I have attended numerous classes and seminars in order to maximize my own training as well as providing a good platform for coaching others.  As a coach/trainer my biggest joy is to see someone set and achieve their goals or do something that they thought they could never do.  Outside of the gym I enjoy reading, puzzles, cooking, and traveling.

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