Jocelyn Streng (she/her)

Hello, I’m Jocelyn, your new coach and owner of PDXstrength!

Helping athletes achieve their personal best, improve their health and attain their fitness goals has been one of the best experiences of my life. I grew up competing and participating in a wide range of sports and obtained my B.S. in Physical Education and Health Promotion.  At University of Oregon, I was a Division I three-sport athlete, competing in track, cross country, and tennis. I’ve been training clients, coaching athletes, and leading group fitness classes for twenty years!

As a junior athlete, I was named the Athlete of the Year by USA Triathlon as well as being the Junior Female National Triathlon champion. I represented the USA by competing in the World Duathlon and World Triathlon Championships, and was fortunate to experience world class training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.

Outside of the gym I enjoy skateboarding, ping pong, exploring with my dogs, and gardening! I love sharing my passion for health and fitness with my athletes and students.  Choosing a coach is a big decision, and with every year I have been in this business , I sincerely believe you want a coach that has had many years of coaching behind their belt.  I learn from every client, and make it a priority to continue my education through workshops, reading, classes, certifications and time in the gym. I believe fitness should be fun, a little challenging, motivating, and a way to enhance our lives outside the gym. Strength is freedom, and health is priceless. I am passionate about providing an anti-diet culture space and have battled eating disorders early on in my career and specialize in working with clients that want to work on improving their relationship with diet and exercise. I have also been through and am still going through some devastating injuries, and enjoyworking with clients that are going through the same challenges.   I want everyone to  find their inner athlete and  live a strong, healthy and happy life!

Sharing is Caring!