Cian Montgomery

Hi all, I’m Cian. I had early experience with functional fitness, growing up on a farm I never lacked for the opportunity for physical activity, whether it was stacking tons of hay to rafters in our barn or building fences. Throughout high school I ran cross country, played football, wrestled and ran track.  Despite this solid foundation, in my early thirties I found myself weighing close to 300 pounds and run-down and tired all the time. I decided things had to change. I set a goal to run the Portland marathon that year, after 4 months of very intense training, I did. After that I was hungry for more. I spent most of the next decade running every Ultra marathon I could find. Since then I have been participating in crossfit, highland games, dodgeball, kickball, and playing disc golf. Always looking for new ways to explore competition and fitness, I am constantly reading, watching videos, and taking seminars to grow and extend my knowledge base. Through this journey, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that showing up is the most important thing.  As a coach I enjoy working with people to help them discover what they are capable of and find new ways to increase their fitness and wellness.  Outside of work and the gym, I take every opportunity I can to be outdoors. I am an avid gardener, backpacker and fisherman.

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