Christie Choma

Hi, I’m Christie! I first became interested in strength and conditioning as way to train for alpine ski racing. Throughout high school, strength and conditioning workouts made a weekly appearance in our training regimen. During my first year at Boston College, I completed  workouts on my own to supplement ski team training. I began attending a strength and conditioning gym that my high school ski coaches opened a year earlier. For the next three years, I competed in both ski racing and Fitness competitions, and I represented my gym in  Wachusett at the Northeast Regional from 2013-15. I graduated BC in May 2015 with a degree in Mathematics, and have since moved to Oregon to further explore my interests in public health, fitness, and the outdoors.

I acquired my Level 1 Trainer Certificate in 2013 and my Level 2 in 2018. While studying at Boston College, I taught intro level classes and assisted my ski coach in programming our team’s workouts. In addition to coaching fellow exercisers and teammates, I love to learn more about fitness and nutrition when I’m not in the gym. You will see me at PDXstrength leading our 101 series, group strength & conditioning classes,  and training athletes one on one. I try my best to meet individuals where they are; it is paramount that physical and behavioral modifications are sustainable in the scope of one’s life. I have been so fortunate to train and compete with gym members who always keep me smiling, and I am very excited to share my enthusiasm for the joys fitness can bring!

Sharing is Caring!