PDX 101 (great for beginners)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings

Ready to kickstart your fitness game in a non competitive, inviting, and supportive environment?

PDX 101 is designed to give you a good grasp of our classes and community at PDXstrength and a perfect way to start if you are a little nervous about trying out something new.

Learn the fundamental movements used in our group classes: squat, hinge, press, push, pull, lunge, jump, run, row and more.

Acclimate yourself to the intensity levels of PDXstrength classes at a pace that’s perfect for you.

Become familiar with dynamic and static stretching techniques for joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

Gradually perform tougher and challenging workouts that will improve your overall fitness level and strength.

And most importantly, have lots of fun enjoying exercise and meeting radical people in your community!

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