The fitness industry can at times  be toxic and unhealthy

 The fitness industry can at times  be toxic and unhealthy.  We don’t believe in gimmicks or using diet culture to sell memberships. Remember these key points below.
1️⃣ You can’t lengthen your muscles. They attach at fixed points via bones and tendons. “Getting toned” means building muscle. Which requires weight training. Period. This is all just a bunch of misleading marketing mumbo jumbo.
2️⃣ Muscles can’t be confused. They actually respond much more favorably to repetition…meaning endless variety within your workout and constantly switching it up is just going to leave you spinning your wheels.
3️⃣ “Eat less, move more” is an overly simplified approach perpetuated by diet culture. We find that this piece of guidance often leads people to overtrain and under-eat, which will 100% hold you back from meeting your goals. Our members find the greatest success when they strength train 2-4x/week, don’t skip rest days, and actually eat enough.
4️⃣ We absolutely do not stand with the fitness industry’s ongoing obsession with “summer bodies.” The implication that you need to make yourself smaller in preparation for BiKiNi SzN is about as cringey as it gets. We don’t train for a season here. We train for strength, for life. We want you to take up more space, not less. And f*&$  anyone who tells you otherwise.
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