How’s your Fitness Journey coming along?

Hello Strength Squad!

I apologize for not being consistent with my monthly check in.  How has your fitness been treating you lately? Any goals attained? Milestones met? Frustrations? Set backs? I’m here for it all. Please never hesitate to reach out and share with me.  The journey is all about the ups and downs.  It ebbs, it flows…sometimes it comes to a halt, and then we dust off our shoulders and get back up.  I posted something on Instagram the other day that I wanted to share:

Fitness is NOT. EASY.

But shifting your mindset can make all the difference. When motivation isn’t enough, remember:

💪 Something > nothing. Don’t worry about making every workout 110%. Just show up and your effort will follow.

💪 I HAVE TO vs. I GET TO. You have a strong and capable body. It’s not an obligation to use it, be grateful you get the opportunity to use it.

💪 1% better every day. Consistent, small efforts every day are more effective than striving for perfection overnight.

🔥 This is going to be FUN. Tell yourself it is, and it will be. With this community, it truly always is.

Thanks for being apart of our small but mighty community. I’m always here for you, so please reach out.

See you in the gym! 💪🏼


Sharing is Caring!