Want more out of your PDXstrength experience?

Want more out of your PDXstrength experience? Keep these few points in mind.
1) Your membership is an investment in your long term physical and emotional health. It’s not an expense. Your effort(as long as you use your membership) will pay its value back many times over.
2) Encourage other members, they are trying to better themselves and have just as much right to be there as you do. Regardless of their skill or experience level, treat them accordingly. Be a positive role model for the people who haven’t yet figured it out. 
3) Try to remember to put weights away and wipe down equipment. We are human and forget from time to time, but taking pride in our space  is respectful to other members in the studio.
4) Maybe most of all, don’t judge someone else’s circumstance. You have absolutely no idea where they started, what their journey has been like, and the obstacles they’ve surpassed along the way. Have empathy and compassion.
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