November Field Notes

October was the start of our final strength cycle of 2022…2 Rep tests, followed by a linear progression. This allowed us to start at a lighter % with higher sets/reps and increase in weight as the reps decreased.

For the first five weeks, we saw the same lift on the same day of the week. This will be switched around going into November. For our gymnastic micro-phase, the Strict Pull-Up was tested, practiced, and retested with hopes that our pulling strength improved, even by one rep!

We see the continuation of our strength cycle moving into November. This is the second half and is essentially a repeat of the first half, but with higher %s. As always, use these as recommendations based on how you are feeling on lift day and adjust as needed.

Our gymnastic focus will be on Toes to Bar. We’ll see an initial test, followed by accessory movements that will aid in the building of lat, quad, hamstring, and grip strength.

Let’s give thanks that we’re in the second half of the strength cycle and hopefully strength adaptation is occurring!


  • WEEK 6 (11/7): 6×5 @ 75-80% // TOES TO BAR TEST
  • WEEK 7 (11/14): 5×4 @ 80-85%
  • WEEK 8 (11/21): 4×3 @ 85-90%
  • WEEK 9 (11/28): 3×2 @ 90-95% // TOES TO BAR RETEST
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