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Fitness for SPORT vs. Fitness for LIFE

There is a more intelligent way to age athletically.

Somewhere along the road we seemed to have lost our way. Olympic weightlifting and technical gymnastics crept their way into mainstream fitness, and a scoreboard disrupted an industry.

An effective protocol intended for a very specific population – competent olympic weightlifters and/or competitive elite athletes (predominantly collegiate- or professional-caliber individuals involved in a contact sport) – started selling as a universal fitness program for the general public. Too much volume and too little recovery became the norm, and everyday people put trust in a program designed for the top 0.01%.

Naturally, all sports carry risk. Fitness as a sport is no different, and unless you are actively competing in fitness as a sport, your training program should look nothing like it.

Fitness for “Sport” needs to prepare an active individual’s mind and body for things such as competition, impact, and intensity.

Fitness for “Life” should provide the building blocks to age in a vibrant and powerful way: free of injury, and chalk-full of strength and resilience.

Training for sport means accepting specific risks, throughout a specific window (season/career), in order to chase a specific goal. However, training for sport is not a training program for life, and once we’ve graduated from our sport, the goal should be to thrive as we age. The secret? To balance the right amount of stimulus with an appropriate amount of recovery. This equation provides attainable progress and lasting results that sustain you for a lifetime.

Everyday people training for a sport in which they do not compete had its moment.

Everyday people training for the sport of life, on the other hand, is the present and the future.

Our strength-driven approach helps establish the building blocks to allow individuals to thrive as they age. And our signature work-to-rest ratios provides a scaleable atmosphere and a level playing field.

Fitness as a sport leans on a finite scoreboard. We provide an infinite runway to a strong, sustainable, and active lifestyle.
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