August Updates

Howdy Folks and welcome to August!
It’s been a busy (and warm) summer at PDX Strength with many new faces to get to know and welcome into our community. Speaking of “busy” our little friend COVID is trying really hard to live in the past and take us back to 2020. At this point there are no “new”requirements from the State, but we will start being a little more diligent with some of the safety protocols, which we have been using in the past. First, coaches are going back to wearing masks and we’d kindly invite any members to join us pre-pending mandate – think of it as our opportunity to remake the travesty that was The Mask 2: The Son of The Mask… We’ll call it The Mask 2: Return of The Mask for now as a working title. Second, we’ll be a little more diligent with wiping down our equipment. We’ve done a really great job of keeping this going as protocols have changed, but will be asking, and giving subtle reminders, throughout class to wipe down your own equipment. And last, for now, we may be popping that overhead door up (even just slightly) to help airflow as possible – Yes, it’s hot out. Yes, hot air is looking for more space to occupy. No, we aren’t trying to create some false environment to test your mental fortitude.
In happier times, I hope folks who were eligible were able to get to the Nike Employee Store. For those that weren’t on the eligible list (which was determined by a “member as of date”), don’t worry. We get passes regularly to both Nike and Adidas. Keep your eyes open for the next announcement there, and for more details around our upcoming Beer Olympics (October 8th 630 pm). For those wondering what that’s like, think about the Beer Mile, now think about it without all that damn running. Or think about the first high school/college house party you went to, now think about it without all the tears and drama.
Hopefully these are going to be the only changes we see, but as always, thank you for choosing and supporting PDX Strength!
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