April Updates

What a wild time, huh? (This phrase seems to be the new “what’s up?”) We’re back to a few state-wide restrictions, and feel so fortunate to call you our community and friends. For all wondering about the current capacity limitations and how that affects our classes/schedule, it really doesn’t. We’ve taken a more conservative stance on class size since re-opening in order to prioritize the safety of our space, so our current capacity still meets the shut down protocol (We are technically occupying two spaces.). With that said, though, we’re still going to try to be outside as much as possible with considerations towards weather, equipment, etc. Please reach out to Jocelyn or your coach with any questions. Your safety remains our priority. 


Enough of that conversation though, and on to the fun stuff. May is bringing out a couple of events at the gym. On Memorial Day this year, we are going to host a WOD called “Murph” in tribute to military members that have lost their lives in service. This is a general happening across the fitness industry and you might see it posted throughout the month on any fitness or fitness-adjacent social media accounts. The WOD, as written, is especially grueling and designed to really push your physical and mental limits. With that said, there are roughly a million accessible variations of the workout for folks to choose from and we’re always happy to help you select the best one for you. 


The other event is our annual beer mile with date TBD. For those that don’t know, a beer mile is where participants chug a beer (you absolutely do not have to drink alcohol to participate… milk mile, anyone?) and do a 400m run four times. Void your liquid, and you’re either out or start your round over – your choice. Fastest time wins. It’s totally for fun, and just an excuse to hang out with all of you. (As an aside, this will be our community fundraiser this month too and we’re always accepting nominations for organizations that we can support.)


If you’re newer to the gym, these events are great opportunities to connect with other members outside of a traditional class environment, so we’d love to see you there whether you’re planning to participate or not. We always welcome spectators, friends, and anyone in between. 


Thanks again for all your support! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the coaches with any feedback.


Dylan and Jossy


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