Well it’s March. Holy shit it’s March.

Hello all (old, new, in between, online, in person, etc)


Well it’s March. Holy shit it’s March. Lots have changed since the last time we wrote to you. Most notably… February. Like the entire month. Granted it’s the shortest month of the year (by a marginal amount), but so much has happened… other than COVID restrictions changing every week. For example, we’ve introduced a new class with our very own Nicole Mascorro (check out Ballet Body on Thursday nights at the gym/live on zoom OR the regular weekly drops on the Facebook page). I, personally, haven’t tried the class (yet) but more so because I’ve heard horror stories from members about how hard it is… Yes, I am cherry-picking the shit out of my fitness in classic “do as I say, not as I do” style. We’re also starting to get into our spring weather down by the River. Cathedral Park is GORGEOUS, but we’re in this weird state of limbo where we kind of still want to be inside lifting heavy shit, but also looking out the overhead door longingly at the sunshine… and the train… at least this is my interpretation. What’s likely happening is that you’re actually clamoring to the overhead door to rip off your mask and give your sweaty upper lip a break from the acute mugginess that is bike sprints with a mask. Seriously though, who knew that it could get more swampy between your cheeks on a bike sprint… See what I did there?


Anyway, this is also a little update on your favorite, intermittently “scheduled” blog (Let’s be honest… there’s no schedule). We’re going to switch to 2x a month rather than weekly moving forward. The ones at the beginning of the month will be included with Joss’s newsletter. It’ll be short, fun, and to the point. The mid-month blog will be a little meatier and contain all the answers to recurring member questions and themes, and all things PDX Strength… most notably how we find the Golden Tickets aboard the GAINZ Train.


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