Blog 49 – Ooops, I Did It Again. 

Blog 49 – Ooops, I Did It Again. 


So after lambasting my own creativity in Blog 48. I’m back with Blog 49 starting out the same way. I’m about to write an entire blog with a huge announcement… in Blog 49. Again, a real creative would have found away to make all your hopes and dreams come true and served it on the silver platter that is BLOG 50, but instead you get forty-fucking-nine. Don’t get me wrong 49 holds a special place in my heart as a person from the 49th state in the nation, but the trouble here becomes this blog, deserving of all the pomp and circumstance of Blog 50, gets labeled 49, while some other blog with a decidedly less exciting topic gets 50. I just can’t…


Anyway, back to this blog. Yes, the rumors are true. We get to return to having our daily playdates down by the train tracks. The protocols are going to be pretty similar to our previous opening, though you’ll notice a little tweaks – like a room divider since our space is technically 2 units and we have a 6 person/unit restriction. But hey, everything else is going to be pretty similar. Safety is our #1 priority. The doors will be open. Temperatures will be checked. Distances will be socialed. The train is going to run by at the WORST possible times. Our programming will be equipped. (Nigel is going to be programming like it’s the holiday gifting season – all the equipment, all of the time.)


All that said, what’s most important is that we acknowledge and thank you all for being part of this process with us. We literally could not have gotten here without you. Whether you’ve been with us throughout the process, joined at some point during the fray, participated intermittently, or couldn’t participate but still sent positive vibes, you’ve been an integral part of our journey here. Thank you doesn’t do it justice (just like labeling this Blog 49) but THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for this little community down by the train tracks. 


See you all soon,




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