Home Upper Body Blast

Greetings Campers. Move to stay healthy, lift your spirits and energy levels, feel accomplished, improve your sleep, feel younger, enhance activities you love to do like running, tennis, skating, rock climbing etc…. it doesn’t even to be hours. Even just 10-30 minutes of strength training a few days a week.  Here is a simple workout to try at home while we are locked down, of if you don’t have time to make to your gym. (this is an upper body biased workout)
3-5 rounds
10-20  Handstand shoulder taps
10-20 Single arm Kettle bell swings per arm
8-12  Rows per arm in a 3 pt stance
5-10 Downward Dog pushups
8-10 Alternating KB Halos
8-12 Plank to pushups


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