Blog 44 – Shut Down 2, Week 2

Blog 44 – Shut Down 2, Week 2


Hello Turkeys!


The good news is that we’ve already passed Week 1, and are starting in on Week 2. Hopefully, your week is full of a half week at work, some time off, and an opportunity to connect with some friends and family in varying ways. Then, it’s only two more weeks to go after this one. (To be fair, I realize that this is an overly optimistic projection and am choosing to take the State at its word about the current shut down.)(I also realize that over the summer that I promised not to spend any more time on the blog giving space to the shut down, but here we are.)(Are multiple, back-to-back parentheses allowed?)


Moving through the holiday week, I don’t have a lot of concrete words for you. It’s a chunked up week. Life takes your attention away from the gym (as it should). And we’re all simultaneous prepping for the rest of the holiday season/end of the year. With that in mind, I’ll take the opportunity to make a list (both in the spirit of the holidays, and for ease in reading):

  • PDX Strength and its coaching staff are grateful for each and every member that’s been part of the 2020 adventure. While we are certainly here for you in fitness, I hope that many of you know and all of you feel that we will be here for you as friends. Further, if you have a gym friend that you haven’t connected with outside of the gym but would like to, we can facilitate that. 
  • It’s easy to give us a pass during the shut down, but we want your feedback. We want this experience to be as seamless and smooth as possible. And want to create that experience with you, not just for you.
  • Enjoy the holidays, whatever that means to you. I recognize the difficulty of my previous statement in “normal” year. This is a high stress time, and we want you to give yourself permission to seek and experience joy as you see fit. (That advice probably extends until “normalcy” returns to our lives.)
  • I’ll bookend the list by repeating how thankful we are for you. Every time you show up, in person or on zoom, you continuously shape our space for the better with your energy, your love, and your flare.


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