Blog 43 – aaaand we’re back…

Blog 43 – aaaand we’re back…


In the spirit of self-reflection and improvement, I must admit when I optimistically said that the squat cycle signaled some sort of long term normalcy at the gym, I most likely jinxed the entire community and am at total fault for the recent shut down – or social pause as our friendly, neighborhood Gov. Brown has decided to term it. And while you may be generous and replace the blame on others, I will continue down this path of self-deprecation for the greater good, knowing that the blame from the universe lies with my big mouth.


Now that that is out of the way, we should chat about what’s to come over the next couple of weeks. Fortunately for us, we’ve been through this before so we can make changes based on what worked well and what didn’t work very well for us. One of those things, and probably most notably, comes in the form of our schedule and programming. When we shut down in March, we honestly didn’t have a clue what we were doing, not out of any lack of competence of course, but because it was all sorts of new for all of us. And your options for classes and programming reflected as much… a little instagram here a little zoom there. We’ve gotten into the groove now from having classes still available via zoom thanks to the diligence of our crew (both the coaches that show up for online classes and for the steadfast group of members that has continued to engage with us even as doors opened ever so slightly). Another change is the amount of equipment being lent out. While we would love to empty the gym again for our members, it was a logistical challenge to coordinate. To no one’s fault of course, there were/are just a lot of moving parts. With a smaller pause (hopefully only a 4-week window) and a consistent piece of equipment, we have a better opportunity to develop a more consistent programming plan – which I assure you is already accounted for and locked in thanks to Nigel. 


I’m going into this phase a little more optimistic than the previous, maybe because there’s a light at the end of a 4-week tunnel or because the holidays are coming and there will be other things to gravitate towards than there was this summer. But mostly because I’ve gotten to know each of you a little better through the process that’s been 2020. I’ve grown, maybe not in the ways I thought I would, but tremendously for the better. You all have had a hand in that. Through your continued resilience. Through your passion for our community. Through your care for each other. And to be fair, that’s not in spite of 2020, that’s because of it. 


So what do you say? Here’s to another 4 weeks! 




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